We have been on a little trip to Germany for
a couples of days.
Moa and JoJo came with us to Ursula and Herbert at Edeyomas Kennel.

We started late at night and took the ferry
to Puttgarden.

Many miles and hours later we finally got to the Hotel.

32 celsius  and lovely fliwers waited for us.

This was lovely compared to all the rain back home.

Finally in the room the girls immediately found their places.



We had wonderful walks in the lovely park.

We just loved it!

Colorful house.

One evening there was a tivoli in town.

There was plenty to watch.

But JoJo loved the garden best.

We had wonderful nights.

Thank you Ursula and Herbert for this time
ee you soon again.


Recieved some greats photos of Malte.
Thanks  a lot Sofia.

You can see them here!










Some new photos of the puppies here!

Red Boy 6 weeks


Katrin and Slaghalls Bera
Big Congratulation!!

Smile and Katrin


Also Johanna and Dante has been on show.
The results you can see

Dante and Johanna




Time flyes and the puppies are already 3 weeks old.
They getting bigger for every day.
The first photos of them you can see

Little Miss Yellow 3 weeks


Congratulations again to Katrin and Smile who this
weekend got their 3rd CAC


A new photo of Slaghalls A Head Of You  can you see here!
It is always so great to get photos from you puppie buyers.
Thank you Charbel for the lovely photo of Benji.



Finally they are here 5girl's and 3 boy's.
Both Saga and the puppies are fine.

1week old!


First to open her eye's was Little Miss Yellow on day 10!

Hello World!


Dante and Johanna have been away on their own adventures.
How it all went you can see
A million thanks Johanna and congratulations to Ellie's fine results.

Johanna & Dante


This weekend it was a national show and we were there
just for support. We had lovely weather and great results.
Slaghalls Salt Of The Earth was placed at BOB

Slaghalls Salt Of The Earth


Slaghalls Bera was placed as 3:d BEST BITCH and recived
her second CAC
Congratulations to Katrin and Smile we are so proud!

Katrin & Smile


Now the gallery is in place.
take a look




It's with great joy and pride we can now tell that
we are expecting puppies!
If everything goes at planned the small ones
will se the light of day in the middle of august.

A big thanks to Borghild and Kjetil at Kjeborg's Kennel
for letting us use your beautiful boy Nimloth.

Evan a big thanks to Johan who gave us the trust
to use Saga for this litter.

More about Saga, Nimloyh and the maiting you will find

hile we are waiting. Saga relaxes with a bone in the puppie box.


A BIG congratulations to Isabelle Karlsson-Rydell who during the
samoyed week in Furudal and did dp60 with flying colours!
In the sledge team were Slaghalls Bera  who did a great job!!
Congratulations to Katrin the owner of Smile from proud breeders!


More about Smile and Katrin, in the showrings they have done great so far.
One CAC and several CC we wisch you good luck in  future shows.